Growth Project

May 12, 2015

Acquire Land or building

projet de croissance

Our Credit Department will assist you in identifying financing plan that best fits the expansion of your existing facilities, acquisition or construction of a new building. We invite you to contact us to share with us the specifics of your building project, in view of the production by our team offers a personalized payment plan.

The advice of SOFICONSEILS will also help you better assess your business opportunities due to your investment.

Take over a business

See Acquisition project

Finance Working Capital

SOFIHDES can help mitigate the impact of the growth of your company’s cash flow. The Credit Department offers products with suitable arrangements to help finance expansion of your inventory, your accounts receivable, your operating expenses and development of new products.


You want to restructure your balance sheet or alleviate your financial burdens. A refinancing from SOFIHDES may be an advantageous solution. Visit the section of our Financial Products

Strategic planning

A company must now be proactive.To do this, it must plan its growth and its actions in the medium and long term. One exercise to help him to that is strategic planning.

SOFICONSEILS, is competent to assist companies in developing their strategic plan.. With the assistance of a network of experts and facilitators, it ensures quality support.

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  • About SOFIHDES

    SOFIHDES is a private development finance corporation, founded in March 1983, with the primary objective of contributing to economic development of Haiti.

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