Acquisition Project

May 12, 2015

Buy Equipment

equipmentYou want to upgrade your business? You need specialized equipment to ensure growth or strengthen your competitive advantages? SOFIHDES can help you acquire new or used equipment to increase your productivity; you can stay competitive and improve your performance.

We invite you to view different products and services of the Credit Department.

The advices of SOFICONSEILS will also help you better assess your business opportunities due to your investment

Acquire land or building

Handing Over Keys on Ghosted Home Icon, Grass Field, Clouds and Sky.Your business grows and you feel cramped in your current location. SOFIHDES, through its Financial Services Department ,can help you finance the purchase of land or buildings and find ways to maximize your investment.

The advices of SOFICONSEILS will alsohelp you better assess your business opportunities due to your investment.

Take over a business

Achat ou Reprise d’une entrepriseThe growth and development of your business may depend on taking over an existing business.You can count on SOFIHDES to assist you in developing an adapted plan to buy it back.

This type of transaction requires further analysis, which relies on legal and financial arrangements and complex assessments. SOFIHDES, through its business divisions, can help articulate a winning approach.

The Credit Department  and SOFICONSEILS offer a variety of financial and nonfinancial products that can meet your needs.

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  • About SOFIHDES

    SOFIHDES is a private development finance corporation, founded in March 1983, with the primary objective of contributing to economic development of Haiti.

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