These are loans, intended to exporting companies operating in all sectors of activity. These facilitations support the monetary policy of Haitian Central Bank (BRH) and aim at an improvement in the trade balance.

Financial Products focused towards exporting Company

  • Exporting companies’s term financing
  • Exporting companies’s factoring


Terms financing towards exporting companies

The offer:

  • Term up to 10 years
  • Rate at 6% a per year in Gourds
  • Debt repurchase opportunities

Main information to be submitted to SOFIHDES:

  • Submission of the completed financing request form
  • Submission of the Financial Statements for at least the last three (3) years – DGI
  • Chronological age of the receivable accounts
  • Construction’s estimate (In case of immobilization’s financing)
  • Equipment estimate (In case of equipment’s purchasing)
  • Company’s profile
  • Legal documentation of the company
  • Owners and Key resources’ profiles
  • Property offered as collateral’s recent evaluation

Factoring’s product main information towards exporting companies

The offer:

  • Financing of 75% of the receivable account
  • Maximum duration: 90 days
  • Rate 5% per year in Gourds
  • Financing exclusively in gourds

Main Information to be submitted:

  • Submission of the completed financing request form
  • Chronological age of the receivable accounts
  • Internationals buyers profile
  • Local companies’ profile
  • Submission of the statements of the account receivables
  • Submission of the port custom invoice and the Bill of lading of the cargo of goods shipped


  1. Drastic diminution of cash flow problems
  2. More interesting margin / Less expensive financing access
  3. Fast financing solution offering great opportunities


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  • About SOFIHDES

    SOFIHDES is a private development finance corporation, founded in March 1983, with the primary objective of contributing to economic development of Haiti.

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