The Credit Department is working with you to find the financial product that best suits your needs and your financial situation. This a view of ensuring your long-term success.

The Credit Departmentwill consider your entire project – its sustainability, its main promoters and financial strength, commitment and the future of your business. This allows us to be more flexible, take greater risks and to help more and more Haitian businesses to emerge or grow.

SOFIHDES provides loans for entrepreneurs in the short, medium or long term.

Short-Term Loan

Development loan short term

Pret-Developpement-Court-TermeThis product, for a maximum of thirty-six (36) months, is designed for confirmed companies, that mean companies with more than three years, carrying an expansion project involving an increase in turnover.The loan is to finance spending on research and development, industrial and commercial launch, and acquisition of business assets, stocks …

Seasonal Credit

This funding is available to businesses with seasonal activities.They generally face significant cash needs during the preparation of sales or even during the sales.Funding obtained to meet this need must be strictly refunded at the end of the season.This credit can be renewed as required by the company and its performance.The company and SOFIHDES jointly determine the amount of this funding.

The funding request must be supported by a good forecast of monthly cash flow, which determine both the amount needs to be funded and the company’s ability to repay borrowed funds within the agreed timeframe.

Contracts Financing

Financement de marchésThe contracts financing is a cash advance to a company who has obtained and signed a contract with a public or semipublic, national or international, or with another company.Funding is mainly based on the contract with the payer and must be fully repaid at the end of the contract.

The funding request must in that case also be supported by a good forecast of cash flows from the contract, which will be based on the specific conditions of the loan.


Bridge Loan


Crédit-relaisThe bridge loan is an advance granted to a company, pending the establishment of a structural credit granted by another financial institution in connection with the financing of a project.

As support for this credit, the company must provide evidence that a loan was approved for her by a recognized financial institution, which will in turn specify the SOFIHDES why the disbursement can not be done yet.

The duration of the advance will depend on the time of establishment of funding, as reasonably estimated by the financial institution concerned.That institution, on formal instruction of the client, refunds directly SOFIHDES at the time of disbursement of structural credit.

Commitments by Signature

These are instruments designed to ensure the execution of a works contract or credit. SOFIHDES undertakes, for the plaintiff to pay the guarantee on demand on presentation of specified documents, the document minimum required as the declaration on establishing the failure of the payer.

Engagements par signature


Loan to Medium and Long Term

Loans to medium and long term, for companies operating in all sectors, used to finance investments to increase productivity of the company or forming part of a process of quality improvement or Competitiveness: acquisition of equipment and materials; finance permanent working capital, acquisition, construction and / or management of premises …

Their duration varies from 3 to 10 years, depending on the nature of the project and projected cash flow. They come with many options, whose objective is to respond to the reality of each company in terms of rate, duration, reimbursement arrangements, and frequency of repayments. They are not indexed variable rate (conventional term loan) or indexed (loan).

A grace period on principal is possible for the financing granted in some industries.

The company wishes to obtain a loan in the medium or long term must accompany his application for a feasibility study or project document.

Business Start Loan

Over a period of 3 to 10 years, the loan is granted for the following;:

  1. Prêt Création d’Entrepriseto a new contractor for the creation of its business;
  2. a young company that has existed for less than three (3) years for the distribution of new products or to develop new work and for creating a new outlet of an existing sign.


Corporate Loan Growth

Over a period of 3 to 10 years, the loan is granted to companies wishing to initiate a growth strategy to finance a stock of goods or commodities in anticipation of increased sales or production.

Prêt Croissance d’Entreprise

Loans to exporting companies

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